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A Guide to Purpose Driven Banking




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Tired of constant arguments about money at home? Overwhelmed with juggling bills and worried about paying on time? Dive into the world of Budget Banking and discover the transformative power of purpose-driven banking. This guide doesn't just simplify finances; it reinvents the way you and your household view and handle money.

Here's What Sets Budget Banking Apart:

  • Harmonious Household Finances: Learn how strategic budgeting can drastically reduce or even eliminate disagreements about money in your home. Experience the joy of financial harmony and shared financial goals.
  • Purpose-Driven Banking: Our unique method organizes your funds into dedicated accounts for specific budgets. With allocated money for every need, pay your bills promptly and bid farewell to the stress of overshooting your budget. Know that every penny has its purpose.

From these core principles, the book expands into:

  • Simplified Finance Language: We've ensured that even the trickiest financial concepts are presented in an easy-to-grasp manner.
  • Comprehensive Workbook: Navigate diverse financial scenarios with over 80 pages of guided content, ensuring clarity in every financial decision.
  • Next-Gen Budgeting Tools: Explore our revolutionary online software tailored for modern budgeting. Experience seamless editing, tracking, and planning.
  • Real-World Scenarios: Engaging examples make the strategies relatable, ensuring everyone can find and implement their perfect budgeting solution.
  • Expert Resources: Benefit from our exclusive videos and notes that further simplify and demystify the world of budgeting.

Why This Book? Budget Banking isn't just another financial guide; it's a complete overhaul of traditional banking mindsets. Whether you're looking to cultivate peace in household finances, ensure timely bill payments, or simply optimize savings, this book provides the tools and techniques to make it happen.

In a world where financial stress is the norm, Budget Banking is your beacon to a life of fiscal clarity, peace, and purpose. By assigning a clear role to every dollar, you're not just budgeting; you're crafting a stress-free financial future. 

  1. Legacy of a Two Dollar Bill
  2. Couples Money Curse
  3. Cornerstone of Budgeting –Your Income
  4. Emphasizing Stable and Consistent Payments
  5. Purpose-Driven Banking - Refining the Art of Budgeting
  6. Road to Financial Clarity Through Multiple Bank Accounts
  7. Power of Automated Finances
  8. 50/30/20 Budgeting Plan
  9. Planning Ahead for your Vacation Fund
  10. Bypassing the Credit Card Temptation
  11. It’s Not About What You Make, It’s How You Manage It
  12. I’m Broke, How do I start?
  13. Unlocking the Power of Budget Banking
  14. Welcome to the Budget Banking Workbook!




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