A new way to bank.

Social, the way people use money.


Budget Banking is a completely new way to bank. We started from scratch to provide an entirely new tool set for bank customers.

From the first time you log in nothing about this bank will be like any other bank or financial tool set you've ever used before. We have built entirely automated financial planning tools that even the biggest investment banks don't have access to. We have no legacy systems to hold us back as everything has been designed from scratch with the latest technology over the last two years.


Re-Invent Banking

Budget Banking was designed from personal experiences. It came from a frustration with how money is actually used and what tools we have to access our money in a bank.

The Cost of Poverty

Being poor is expensive. Overdraft fees, payday loans, bounced checks, unexpected repairs, health emergencies, and the list goes on and on. Budget Banking was designed with being poor in mind. It is designed to be a stepping stone to a solid financial foundation. Our belief is that with assistance we can build up people's financial security from living paycheck to paycheck to having a solid financial foundation.

Family and Community

Money connects families and communities. It builds connections and reinforces supply networks. Those social connections aren't found in most banks. It is a cornerstone of Budget Banking. Our family mission is to easily transition from stages of life. Our accounts are built to grow with you from a child to an adult, and into old age. They are flexible to handle marriage, divorce, roommates, and any other major life event.


What is the big picture for Budget Banking?

We would like to be the single portal where people use their money. We would like to replace the big banks. We would like to replace the payment applications like venmo, cashapp, and paypal. We would like to make payday loans obsolete. Our social accounts make everything that came before it redundant. We don't want our customers to need Quickbooks, Mint, everydollar, Wallit, Hiatus, Truebill, Turbotax, H&R Block. Our accounts have better tools built directly into our accounts so you don't need any third party apps connecting to your bank. We do it all.

We really are coming after the entire financial industry.

What's next?

Budget Banking for Business: We've taken our personal financial tools and put them on steroids for business. You can run your business directly from our account dashboard. Payroll, Taxes, Vendors, we cut out so many middle men and let you focus on your business.

Financial Counseling services: Because our take on banking and personal finance is so different from what the rest of the market has to offer, we plan on having training for financial managers. We've designed our systems with sharing in mind so our financial planners can work with our customers on their terms.

Our product backlog is packed with new services to help our customers save money and plan for their future. When our customers success, we succeed.